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Classic meets exotic; luxury meets chic… the Queen & Cult range of designer handbags is a combination of all that is elegant and in vogue, with each bag breaking the boundaries of the norm. South Africa is now being graced with the imperial presence of this “royal” niche collection by way of the Secrets By Ana online store.

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Queen & Cult is a unique, cult range of exquisite designer handbags that was launched in Europe in 2004. The Swiss market were the first to experience this luxury brand, which was met with overwhelming success.  This popularity opened up the doors for Queen & Cult to spread into the rest of Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa. Secrets By Ana is thrilled to now be bringing Queen & Cult to the South African market by way of our online boutique.

Queen & Cult soon gave rise to Princess & Cult as well as King & Cult; both lavish, luxurious brands that have excelled equally in their respective markets.


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Each bag is a statement that speaks highly of the woman who owns it; it’s more than an accessory, it’s more than a trendsetting item… it’s a part of you, a part of your personality. Luxury, style and cult design all combine to bring each Queen & Cult handbag to life, as does the finest leather quality made exclusively in Italy, Romania and Turkey.

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